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Welcome to the Home Page of Central Coast Condors G06

We are a team that focuses on PERSONAL AND PLAYER DEVELOPMENT FIRST. The single-most important quality that we look for is a DRIVE TO IMPROVE as people and as soccer players. In fact, we are an incredibly inclusive group. We welcome players with a VARIETY OF SKILL sets, as long as they show a commitment to improvement.

In order to open our doors to the widest possible collection of players, part of our mission is to offset as much of the cost associated with club soccer as we can. 

If you are interested in personal and player DEVELOPMENT, gaining CONFIDENCE, and making great friends, then please come and check us out!

We are excited to start the fall season in mid-September 2019.

Contact Dana Longman, Manager (678) 612-7948,, or Coach, Antonio Pille (805) 440-7091,, for practice information and to schedule a tryout.

Dana Longman


Phone: 678-612-7948

Antonio Pille


Phone: 805-440-7091