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Central Coast Condors B04 Romero

General Info

Head Coach: Eliseo Romero
Assistant Coach: Issac Briviesca
Manager: Jay Jezierski   805-602-2043


The Condors B04 team was originally formed in 2012 by Coach Eliseo Romero as a group of combined '03 and '04 players. To remain competitive, the team split off in 2014 and formed an '04 squad. The '04 team, Coached by Coach Romero went undefeated in their first fall season at the bronze level. The following season the team continued to have much success in the silver division and was promoted to play in silver elite the following fall season. Since then the team has promoted each season to become the youngest boys team on the central coast to reach the prestigious CSL Premier division. After a strong 3rd place finish in their inaugural premier season, only one point behind first and the leading team in goal differential, this will now be the first boys team on the central coast to repeat as a participant in premier. The team was also given a perfect 5 star rating for fair play by their peers and referees.

The Condors B04 Romero team have remained ranked within the top 50 in the nation for over three consecutive years. It is this consistency that has attracted some of the top players from Lompoc to San Ardo. A total of six players have been invited to the Olympic Development Program (ODP) tryouts, with one selection to the ODP final roster. 

In 2019, this team became the first Condor team to compete in Europe. They won the Barcelona Cup by winning all 5 games of the international competition. The Boys '04 Romero team will be competing in their third consecutive Coast Soccer League Premier season in the fall of 2020.

Through the dedicated efforts of Head Coach Eliseo Romero and Assistant Coach Issac Briviesca, this team continues to work towards a high level mastery of technical ball skills and tactics. The team prides itself on playing creative and possession oriented soccer with an emphasis on sound defense and an offense that has quick strike capability.


Provide a structured soccer team that fosters the ability to sustain a team of excellent young men, in both character and soccer ability, to compete as a cohesive unit at the highest possible level. 


Continued success through comprehensive development while maintaining our national ranking and Premier Division status. Through our system of total player development, we aspire to graduate players from this team that will go on to accomplish their dreams and goals on and off the soccer pitch. This team prides itself on excellent soccer, outstanding academic achievement, and the highest standards of moral character and integrity. At the end of the day, whether these young men continue in soccer or not, they will be prepared for success at the subsequent phases of their lives.  

Next Steps

After finishing two seasons of CSL Premier, and winning an international event, the Condors B04 Romero team set their sites on continued success in CSL Premier, college showcases, and hopefully a return to Europe.   

The Condors B04 Romero team holds spot tryouts throughout the year. If your birthday is January 1, 2004 and later and you are a talented, motivated and dedicated soccer player that would like to play for this team, contact Coach Eliseo at 805-431-5827


Latest Results

2018: US Youth Soccer Ranking: 5th SoCal, 14th National

2019: Strikers Irvine Summer Classic - Finalists
2019: Barcelona Summer Cup - Champions
2019: Clasico de Robles '03 Division - Champions
2018: Coast Soccer League Premier Division - 3rd Place
2018: Juventus Tournament of Champions - Champions
2018: Copa Cabana Beach Tournament - Champions
2018: Cali Crown Classic - Champions                                         
2018: National Cup - Quarter Finalist
2017: Coast Soccer League Gold North: 2nd place
2017: San Diego Surf Cup - Champions
2017: Juventus Tournament of Champions - Champions
2017: Copa Cabana Beach Tournament - Champions
2017: Semi-Finalists State Cup - President's Division

Condors B04 (Romero) Team Players Selected for the Spring Olympic Development Program

Five players from the Condors B04 Romero team were selected for the Spring Olympic Development Program (ODP) pool. From L to R: Leo Jezierski, Martin Villagomez, Bennett Richards, Javier Real, and Valentino Graeber. This was the second most selections from any one team in Cal South for this age group. After 3 days of tryouts in Ventura, Bennett Richards was selected for the final 18 man roster! Congrats to Bennett, the other participants, and Coaches Eliseo Romero and Issac Briviesca for an outstanding achievement!